August 19, 2014


Certified Translation Professional in English <> Spanish translation. Born and raised in Mexico, I started learning English since I was 3 years old and never stopped learning; both languages are an essential part of my life and have shaped who I am, even more so now that I live in the U.S.

I hold a degree in Psychology, with a specialty in Human Development and Gestalt Therapy, and a degree in Communication Sciences.

As a translator, I specialize in Psychology, Journalism, Literature (fiction and nonfiction), Social Sciences and Humanities, and I also translate texts on Religion, Marketing, Video Games, general documents and other related fields.

I strive to deliver high quality translations, which I always proofread, for I am passionate about my profession and love to help people have access to other cultures and/or knowledge that would have remained out of their reach otherwise.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more about me, my work or how I can help you find solutions for your language needs.

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